1. pablo


    Howdy DMF amigos! Here's a bit of an "open casting call" for players willing help to test out a new DMFRENZY exclusive 1v1 map I've been working on. Looking for feedback on everything really, from playability to the textures. I'd like this map to have a bit of everything in it, to really push...
  2. jajrocks235


    hey mine is Jared Johnson Im a 16 year old high school student that lives in cali. I love playing on ur 1v1 server and hanging out in the discord when i can im usually on the server everyday for multiple hours i use it to warm up for my games and tournaments
  3. UntitledSoldier

    SUGGESTION Possible new 1v1 server?

    Hey guys.. Just another fast message here.. I’ve been thinking about what to do with our less than stellar 1v1 server, the Chicago server starting with 144... the quality of it isn’t the best. It’s hosted on another host that I stopped using for that reason. If I were to open another 1v1 with...
  4. UntitledSoldier

    Possible 1v1 online stats

    Whats up guys? Just wanted to let you guys know that later today I’m going to work on getting the 1v1 stats to display on a website like the !active.. I’ll be doing this later today.. I’ll post again once it’s complete! Enjoy!
  5. UntitledSoldier

    Updated our list of servers!!!

    Hey guys. I just wanted to post a fast message letting everyone know that we have 2 more servers in our list of servers. BOTH are 1v1 servers!!!! #2 and 3 are new. One is in the UK! Enjoy :)


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