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Possible 1v1 online stats

Whats up guys?

Just wanted to let you guys know that later today I’m going to work on getting the 1v1 stats to display on a website like the !active.. I’ll be doing this later today.. I’ll post again once it’s complete!



Stats are enabled on the 1v1!

This is different from the rankme stats, which i've disabled since there's no real reason to having two different ranking systems.

You can view these stats online @ - It's just gone live so please give me time to make this page look better LOL. I'll be adding it to the sites header links once it's looking good!

@ToxicFrank - I just used the default online stats that it comes with. Did you guys make one for the 1v1 stats? Im not using rankme for this one though.
Alright, if you need any help with it we can both help. Looks like it is a pretty simple database application so it'd be something right up our ally if you need help making it look better or anything like that.
I may take you up on that @ToxicFrank

It's not even showing the top 15 players, so it's kind of useless?

The search part works perfectly fine. You can search a persons name and view their stats/rank.

It's just not showing any top players :(
After looking at some of the code I would be cautious using it, it appears to be susceptible to sql injection which could dump all your tables and delete peoples status OR modify their stats. if they know your database layout they can do a lot worse.
Ok seems to protect against sqli attacks but I would still shy away from using mysqli and would rather kenny and I rebuild it for you using better technologies.

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