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yung saint
Aug 3, 2018
Howdy DMF amigos!
Here's a bit of an "open casting call" for players willing help to test out a new DMFRENZY exclusive 1v1 map I've been working on.
Looking for feedback on everything really, from playability to the textures. I'd like this map to have a bit of everything in it, to really push players to their max against each other. If you have any suggestions to enhance the gameplay, I am all ears! Hit me up either directly or post your comments and suggestions here.

Sometimes when building a new map, I start from just a name, this map is no exception to that habit. Heavy use of gold and marble texturing along with warm lighting trying to pull from a Greek Olympic feeling. IMHO a lot of this game comes down to pure aim ability.

Where do I go when I want to train my aim, warm up, or in general git gud?
DMFRENZY's 1v1 Arena, where champions are made.

"We'll do it live"
Until launched into the 1v1 arena map rotation, the map is accessible 24/7 on my CS:GO Multi-1v1 instance that I call my "lab".
Grab a few friends and try out the map if you're interested! Just run the following command in your CS:GO console.

Archived — champions_release_canidate.zip
Workshop — On Steam

Find Me
Discord — Haifisch#4200 or simply @pablo in DMF Discord.



Staff member
Aug 7, 2016
@pablo - have you considered making more 1v1 maps? I must say, you did a great job on champion!

I'd gladly toss you some dough if you could make am_dmfrenzy.bsp

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