1. SubKan

    Retiring as an admin...

    I'd like to keep this simple. As the title says, I wish to retire my admin privileges on the DMF Servers due my enjoyment of the game being diminished due to the "grindy" nature of the game. Being honest, my enjoyment of having these admin powers have also been withered away due to how toxic and...
  2. ToxicFrank

    Staffing Changes

    Congratulations to @senTenZ and @wickk, welcome to the staff team, we are looking forward to having you, feel free to ask questions on discord! Additionally, we have made a couple cuts of admins due to activity in one place or another, we want to make sure our staff team is active. Again...
  3. ToxicFrank

    Welcome New Staff Member

    Welcome to the staff @Combos. We look forward to working with you and congratulations again! Good luck! DMF Management.
  4. ToxicFrank

    Staffing Changes

    Welcome aboard @Kara @MeTeoRite @frantiC^ and @Bentleyonpc! Congratulations guys, good luck and keep up the good work.
  5. ToxicFrank

    Length of Admin process

    Hello all, We have received complaints of some of you about the length of admin approval process and I just want to clear things up. If your application is fairly old (a month or longer) and you haven't been approved consider the following: Am I active in discord? Am I active on the forums...
  6. A

    Admin trolling

    Every time i join one of the retakes, if the admin "VOID" is on. He constantly mic spams, goes on LONG flanks which usually end up in him losing the round for this team since he takes so long to flank, he has used the SLAP command many times on everyone, and has killed people with it, and he...
  7. UntitledSoldier

    Removed some admins...

    Hey guys, I removed some admins the other day. They were removed for one of the following reasons: inactive on the forum, or inactive on the servers. If you’re one of these admins and you’d like to be admin again, you’ll have to reapply for admin! Current list of staff...
  8. redbaron199

    Hello this is redbaron199, serious introduction.

    My name is redbaron199 or Max, I'm 15 years old, and for most of you that don't know, I play on this community server alot. I know alot of people and a couple admins especially Sleepy (he's chill and so is Brady). Anyways I was born in Fort Hood, Texas and moved to a lot of places because I have...
  9. jenn

    Racism and Bad talks in game

    i'm going to start and make some points in this articular which i will show you guys in these points how in game players emotions and ideas that which can drive them to make misbehave in game and they are as the following: 1} age 2} knowledge 3) lifestyle (+) 4) effect of global news 5} parents...
  10. jenn

    hey guys

    nickName: jenn name: hamood age: 22 work : model & marketing history of csgo: i use to play cs when i was child but i wasnt intersting on playing it untile few years ago one of my friends told me that pc gaming going big and i should buy one so i did then i got in tuch with csgo where i...
  11. UntitledSoldier

    [ADMINS] Keeping the SAME NAME!!!

    I cannot stress how important this is. If your name is TOMMY BUM on here, then it needs to be TOMMY BUM on steam as well! I really don't like wasting my time trying to figure out what admin is what! Don't be surprised if I remove someone because of it! So please, for the love of...
  12. P

    pookieXD Admin Application

    First Name / Server Alias: --> Meir / pookieXD Location: --> Ontario, CANADA Age --> 13 (Almost 14) Application Info: How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week? --> I Spend Appx. 30 Hours on every single Week What server would you like to be admin on? --> Retakes Why do you want to...
  13. bigandfast


    Name: Thomas Age: 14 SteamName: BigandFast From: Puerto Rico Where now? United States - i usually play this game about 2-3 hours aday around 6pm-10pm SE -i do get some anger , but i learn to keep my mouth shut now so itsunder control - i can be serious and joking , but rules are rules ...
  14. Barlos

    Admin Application

    My name is Carlos my Alias Is Barlos I live in California I recently turned 18 I spent an average of 5 hours on severs My favorite sever is the 1v1 Server it is also the server I want to apply admin for I want to be an admin because I tend to be very active in the server and I could possibly...
  15. VenTure

    APPROVED Admin Application

    Personal Info: First Name: Brayden Steam Name: ✪ VenTure xD Location: Ontario, Canada Age: 15 Application Info: Hours a week: About 10 at least 1-2 hours a day My Favorite server: Toronto server Address: I would like to be a admin on the server above ^ I want to be an admin because...
  16. ShaneAJM

    ShaneAJM - Admin Application

    First Name / Online nickname: Shane Location: Arizona Age: 16 Application Info: How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s)?: 10 What's your favourite server(s)?: Chicago FFA Deathmatch/LA FFA Deathmath What server would you like to be admin on?: Chicago FFA Deathmatch or the LA FFA Server. Why...

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