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Length of Admin process

Discussion in 'Website / Server News' started by ToxicFrank, Mar 21, 2018.

By ToxicFrank on Mar 21, 2018 at 1:07 PM
  1. ToxicFrank

    ToxicFrank Staff Member [DMF MANGER!]

    Oct 29, 2016
    Systems administrator and Web Developer
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    Admin Post
    Hello all,

    We have received complaints of some of you about the length of admin approval process and I just want to clear things up.

    • If your application is fairly old (a month or longer) and you haven't been approved consider the following: Am I active in discord? Am I active on the forums? Do I have staff vouches? Do I try and get to know the staff and let them get to know me?
    • If we deny your application even fairly early in the application life understand you may need to improve in the following areas: Discord presence, forum interaction, getting to know the admins, including more information, spending more time on your application

    We would love to add to staff but we need people who can set themselves apart from the others, this is done in the information you provide in your application, which some of you have done a good job on and others put almost no effort into theirs, and you also set yourself apart the more you get to know the staff and the more they get to know you. We need to develop some sort of relationship with you so we can feel confident trusting you and giving you "the keys to the kingdom" in a sense.

    Please understand that if you are not receiving the results of your application that you desire it is probably for one or more of the reason above in red.

    Thank you,
    Owner & Managers
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Discussion in 'Website / Server News' started by ToxicFrank, Mar 21, 2018.

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    1. Kara
      I think it would be best if you guys just deny bad applications or tell people who barely are active or dont know enough people in the community to just reapply in like 4 weeks and that would help speed up the process. you guys should have requirements to apply, therefore if they dont meet these then you would be instantly denied, and if they DO meet these requirements that you set then wait a few days then make a decision, also for this to work ALREADY PRESENT STAFF need to be reading these apps and giving opinions to help with the process for the managers, you guys need a better-organized system.
    2. ToxicFrank
      We do get admin suggestions over discord in our admin channel, every couple of days we ask for input of current applicants and get people's input.
    3. Bentleyonpc
      Also admins should be forum members for a long enough time where everyone recognizes their name, like Kara, meteorite, and so on. Also people shouldn't just join the forums to be admin and leave if they don't get accepted right away. I joined the forums to become and admin but decided to stay because of the community and the people on the forums.
    4. Kara
      Like I said before they should set requirements, to easily divert people who aren't going to meet them from posting an application, they should have requirements as well that require a certain amount of input on applications, as well as adding more questions to the applications and or even having an interview AFTER an application is accepted.
    5. ToxicFrank
      The people who submit an application and spend no time on the forums or discord will for sure get denied, we don't deny them right away to see if they do become active but noone will ever get admin unless we get to know them.
    6. Bentleyonpc
      +rep I agree with this 100%. This would make it better to find admins with good intentions.
    7. Bentleyonpc
      At this point I don't mind if I become admin or not. I really wanted to become one awhile ago, but now it doesn't bother me if I don't. I like this community and I like helping it in anyway I can. It's close to a year I've been here and I'm looking to forward to staying here as long as I enjoy Counter Strike.
    8. MeTeoRite
      I agree completely. 100%. Why the 30 character must have?
    9. Bentleyonpc
      I know right, it's a little hard sometime to reply with 35 characters.
    10. frantiC^
      Also before they even apply most of the people apply just because they want to abuse most of the time and also not help the community at all and just make it worse...
    11. Kara
      I just tired of seeing people who dont seem to give full effort in trying to become staff or people who ARE staff and dont give effort, I want to help yet im not being permitted to, very frustrating especially since I've waited like 2 months now. Im also one of THE most active people on the forums, as well as discord, more active then a lot of staff actually. Also can more staff try to be active on the forums manangers need help with apps so you guys need to leave input on what you know about the person (I always try to do this even though im not an admin)
    12. Kara
      Thats why they need to instantly deny poor apps and people who arent known, they have a chance to reapply later with a better rep.
    13. Bentleyonpc
      I've used to be really active on the forums, off and on though. I've been waiting for 7-8 months. I understand I may not be the most active, mostly cause this year is my freshman year and was stressful, but I still want to help the community as much as I can.
    14. frantiC^
      Some people don't even care they just want to apply for fun or just troll and fill out more admin apps
    15. ToxicFrank
      I have cleaned up applications for now.
    16. Bentleyonpc
      Ok, that's good :D Thanks for doing that!
    17. frantiC^
      Yep I saw most of them in discord we just started a big convo
    18. ToxicFrank
      The people who just make an introduction and then post an application will almost always get denied. We want people who are going to be dependable and who we feel comfortable with, most of those people put no effort into the application or introduction.
    19. UntitledSoldier
      How about I get rid of the need to make an intro post and enable a requirement of X amount of posts to be made anywhere, before someone can even make an admin app?

      Also, I added the 25 or 30 chars to try and eliminate nonsense posts. When you post something meaningful, that 25 chars disappears pretty fast. I'd rather have quality posts then quantity.

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