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Admin Requirements Suggestion

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Apr 4, 2020
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This is a continuation from my other post here.

Other communities use things like time or post requirements for instance: 10 forum posts (non-shitposts) is a good basic requirement (so you know who is applying and how they think, input opinions).

Some other small things that could help boost admin pop without lowering quality:

- Lowering age = There are a lot of people under 18, I have even seen 14, that are mature enough for admin, you will be able to tell if they are not mature enough, no need to have an official requirement (maybe just a recommendation).

- Activity = Obviously activity helps, but like the previous one, you will be able to tell whether they are active or not based on their application. It is better to have a very mature admin that is semi-active then the opposite. It is very easy to enforce activity within admin ranks.

- Bans = A player can easily mature from being banned previously, I have seen it many other times (in one instance went from perm'd to board of directors within a couple years), my point is that they should have to state that they were banned before, and why. Like I said previously both times, you will be able to tell from their app whether they have matured.

- Aggressiveness of requirements = Nothing really wrong here, though you may wanna make the requirements a little more welcoming. They could deter decent applicants from applying because they don't know if they will meet them. It is easy to deny applications, not get them.