Per Server Admins (PSA's)


Aug 7, 2016

Let me know what you think... I think we should try something out to bring in new admins.

"PSA's" (Per Server Admins) would only be responsible for 1 server - the main server that they dedicate their time to.

We have regulars who spend quite a bit of time in certain servers - I'd like to take advantage of those that do spend that time.

I feel like these individuals could possibly help with the server they use a lot.

PSA's wont be given out to just anyone. There will be requirements of course; & they'll differ from a regular admin.

I haven't thought about all of the details as far as permissions ETC. I wanted to float this idea around and get peoples input.

I may have mentioned this to some in the past...

Comments please guys!
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Jan 5, 2019
I personally think this is a great idea since i play on the LA 1v1 quite often and theres almost never admins on. There is constantly people breaking the rules (racism, mic spamming etc.) and its just not enough to call an admin to the server but even when i do by the time they get on the people doing it stop or leave. This would be great for the DMF community in my opinion.


Apr 4, 2020
So I'm new to this forum, but I might as well put in my two cents.

Server specific admin sounds like a great idea on paper, but when you put it into play you will see issues. I think it would be a great idea if you already had a good amount of staff, but without a backing from regular admins it would be hard to implement.

Having server specific admins would only allow them to admin on the server they have admin on, they would not be able to server hop if needed or respond to call admins, unless they are on their specific server. It also seems, from an outside perspective, it is a way to get around maturity or get admins by lowering your requirements. I don't really know how to put it into words, but it makes the community perceived as needing admins and lowering standards in order to get them.

A way to get around this perception could be lowering admin requirements without making it too easy to get admin. I made a post here.
Apr 15, 2018
Sounds like an idea worth pursuing. In the past I've been an "admin as I go" when I'm staff on a server, and this seems like a decent compromise to allow staff to still play and enjoy the servers while still being effective moderators. I think that it's good to lower the amount of power and the responsibilities given to someone together, but I think that only allowing them on one server may be detrimental. I would consider allowing PSA's to have staff privileges based off of sever game mode rather than the server specifically.

I'm also not experience with owning and managing a server so I don't know what challenges this might pose in the long run. To me it sounds like a good idea purely because it's the way I've always been comfortable staffing servers, but a very small scale trial may be due before making any decisions.


May 27, 2018
Great idea Untitled, sad though you'd be splitting up friends.


Apr 6, 2020
I think this would be a great idea! Even if they are just given the ability to mute / gag people and give out warnings it would be very beneficial. Especially on the 1v1 server were things can get a little crazy in the voice chat.

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