KLOG-2/March Recap


Hello! I am going to be doing an overview of March and soon will be doing an overview of the first half of April. Basically, I will be attempting to recap important changes that happen during March as well as discussing Hot threads in March, as well as things like the staff that joined the team or events that may have occurred.

Important changes
* @TheAsciiBunny, @Hreppy, @V01d, @Kara, @MeTeoRite, @frantiC^, and @Bentleyonpc were accepted as staff
*Managers addressed length of admin process. https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/length-of-admin-process.883/
*Community-Owner addressed server issues. https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/server-issues.866/
*Forum credits introduced (late February but adding here anyways)
*Affiliate page was introduced.
*Shop system for forum credits was reworked (reset credits)
*Admin forum thread area fixed
*Senior Admin rank introduced.

Notable Discord Changes
*Discord forum bot channel created (reduces general chat spam)
*Self Advertising channels added.
*Discord rules added.

Hot Topics/Suggestion Discussions
*Auto Bhop topic discussed, https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/auto-bhop.908/#post-4673
*Ban evasion topic https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/ban-evasion.904/#post-4306

*Hot Topic https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/an-interesting-development-farewell-commands.895/

Statements from Management
"March was a good month for us. We have made a step in the right direction by finding some more dedicated staff to help out on the servers. We are pleased with everyone and their progress and want to say thank you for doing what you do. Additionally, we are constantly looking to find new ways to get community interaction and improve the community as whole so keep an eye out for these changes. Thank you all for playing on our servers, without you we would have no community."

Thank you again, Frank

"DMFrenzy has grown tremendously since the beginning of this year. Along with this came the expansion of our staff team and the introduction of the Senior Admin Role. This has allowed me to contribute more directly to the community and ensured that it keeps improving. I love this community and can't wait for what the future holds."


Monthly Rating

Personally, I think we have made a fair bit of progress last month, especially on the staff part of things.
I will continue to post things like this, probably monthly or Halfway through a month, as well as updating or writing more what I call KLOGS which is just (kara log).

If I missed anything feels free to comment on it, remember this is for MARCH not for April, I will make one for April later.

@UntitledSoldier It would be cool if you would help participate in making the next update for April :)

-Written and Edited by Cara
-Sources from DMfrenzy.com and Managers
-Approved by Frank, Kenny.
-Thanks, Frank, Kenny and InZane for giving me grading and input on this project.
-Please like if you are interested in more news logs



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